Sunday, 24 February 2008


Janette Mason is currently putting together final mixes of her new studio album " Alien Left Hand" following on from the critical & commercial success of her last album "Din & Tonic". Janette completed her Mmus in composition for film and television at the London College of Music.Originally training in classical piano and flute, Janette has worked with a diverse roster of artists from legendary singer/songwriter Robert Wyatt, jazz artists Claire Martin, Ian Shaw and Annie Whitehead to pop acts Oasis, Pulp, Seal and Suzanne Vega.

Janette is a versatile composer with an ability to combine the latest technology with her natural flair for orchestration to create a diverse array of atmospheres and moods. Her adaptable, thoughtful approach enable her to respond imaginatively to a variety of commissions; from documentary film Paris was a Woman, the Documentary Series The Debt Machine (Channel 4), to The Great Reality TV Swindle (Channel 4).

Drawing upon her eclectic influences in jazz, pop, classical and Latin American music, Janette forges her own original style that journeys from intimacy to dynamic attack, intricacy to expansive fluidity. She combines acoustic and orchestral instruments, interlaced with modern beats and loops to create a unique sound. Her versatility and articulate musical inventiveness produces compositions that encompass passion, intrigue, power and surprise. While fuelled by a sense of adventure, humour and love of all things kitsch Janette’s compositions have also turned up on the Drew Carey Show (USA BMI Television and Cable), Sex in the City, along with advertisements for The Royal Bank of Scotland and Vanish Carpet Cleaner.

Originally training in classical piano and flute, Janette turned professional at nineteen and cut her teeth in theatre and TV, most memorably as keyboard player / MD for Jonathan Ross’ Saturday Zoo. An ‘inspired and inspiring’ keyboard player and improviser, Janette worked with a diversity of artists from legendary singer/songwriter Robert Wyatt, jazz artists Claire Martin, Ian Shaw, Deirdre Cartwight, Annie Whitehead to top pop acts Oasis, Pulp, Suzanne Vega and Seal.

"Janette Mason - definitely a musician to watch" Dave Gelly - The Observer.
"A remarkable pianist, Janette Mason stands out" Neville Hadsley - The Observer.

Credits Include

Paris was a Woman (Cicada Films)
Live - Oasis Unplugged
Sex in the City ( HBO)
Drew Carey Show
MD for Jonathan Ross (Zoo tv)
Le Show (Channel 4)
The Great Reality TV Swindle (Channel 4)

Adverts include Royal Bank of Scotland and Vanish ..

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