Saturday, 22 March 2008



2Pointzero Music is able to provide a comprehensive range of composition styles and instrumentation from traditional film scores to more cutting edge rock and electronica. We can also source composers throughout the genres to find the perfect match for any kind of audio / visual project.

This selection of musical samples we are currently featuring on the website shows the diversity of talents we are able to call on. The music player can skip tracks, back and forward and has play and pause controls.

There are around 30 pieces of music and you can listen to the music player here

More information and a short resume on each artist / composer can be found here .

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2Pointzero Music is a UK based Sync Licensing and Publishing Solution for Master Rights Owners ( Label Owners, Producers, Bands etc) . Music for TV, Ads, Films, Console and Online Gaming. Directors are Mike Sefton and Chris Bangs who both have wide range of experience in most areas of the music industry.