Thursday, 13 March 2008

The sweet chap meets Andy Warhol

A singer songwriter of a different kind, delivering quirky unique songs that cut across the genres. From his song titles to his subject matter, there is something here for everyone; The Sweet Chap has that gifted knack of connecting with people. To cap all of this, he has the capacity to bring all this together via a truly powerful yet sometimes vulnerable voice.

His first album ' Disco For A Domestic" (Protest Recordings) met with critical and commercial
success . His second album is almost written now, ready to be road tested at his upcoming
London shows and the songs featured here give a taste of the growth in his writing and vocal

"An outstanding UK talent " Straight No Chaser
" An extraordinary voice that oozes emotion as well as soul " DJ Magazine
"Here on T4 we love The Sweet Chap - he's a great songwriter, his songs are brill"

Check out the video for "Rummage" from "Disco For A Domestic" here

Andywarholblue Andywarholorange Andywarholfuchsia_2 Andywarholgreen Andywarholmoss

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