Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Mike has been in the music industry for almost 30 years doing everything from retail to promotion and record A&R to music publishing. He hasworked for various major labels and independent companies in both records and publishing including, Phonogram (now Mercury), London, A&M, BMG, DeConstuction, Ministry Of Sound and V2.

He is now a partner with Chris Bangs in 2PointZero Music, a company specialising in top notch, copyright clean music for film,TV, adverts and computer games.

He is always on the look out for interesting and creative projects to get involved in, be it records, publishing, back catalogue exploitation or sourcing music for outside projects including film and TV and researching music for compilations of any kind.

Mike Sefton’s Specialties:

Almost 30 years experience across retail, records and publishing.
A vast knowledge of all kinds of music genres.
A large contact base across the globe.
A vast personal music collection to source from.

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2Pointzero Music is a UK based Sync Licensing and Publishing Solution for Master Rights Owners ( Label Owners, Producers, Bands etc) . Music for TV, Ads, Films, Console and Online Gaming. Directors are Mike Sefton and Chris Bangs who both have wide range of experience in most areas of the music industry.