Friday, 14 March 2008



Our new website is just 2 - 3 days from going live now. We've been experimenting with various Video and Audio players for the site to find something that's going to be rock solid on playback and should have a pretty extensive selection of mp3's and videos on show at launch.

We will also have a short biography section for our composers to let you know more about some of their other musical activities, as well as who we are, what we do and how we work. It's been lots of work putting our website together and we've been pushing the technical envelope of our designer Jimmy Young but he has responded brilliantly to every challenge we've thrown at him and we'll be confidently recommending his services to anyone, particularly if you are the Entertainment Business!

We think the website will prove to be a real asset the continued growth of our company and will always happy to receive your feedback about how easy the site is to work your way around and if you feel there's something we didn't explain as well as we could have.

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